Students are advised to familiarize themselves with the rules, regulations and policies of Botho University through the university website and any other information provided to them either as a document or through the notice boards on campus. Botho University reserves the right to amend its rules, regulations and policies. It is the responsibility of the student to keep themselves updated with the related documents. Students must understand that ignorance of these policies, rules and regulations is not an acceptable excuse for non-compliance.

The rules, regulations and policies apply to all students of Botho University regardless of their programme of study. Students may find additional information specific to their programme of study on the websites of the awarding bodies relevant to their programme. In the case of any conflict between the various rules, regulations and policies of the university and the awarding body, the Academic Board shall decide on the correct applicable policy.

All students will need to abide by the Botho University rules, regulations and policies and also by the rules and regulations of each programme as stipulated by the awarding institution.

  • Botho University Rules College Act

    The Botho University Rules and Regulations are the guidelines within which our institution is governed. All students must abide by a code of conduct. Hence, the rules and regulations are devised and updated every now and then to suit and fit the mission and vision of our school. Our rules nd Regulations Handbook is the guiding tool that helps direct our students as well as other stakeholders in the proper ways to conduct themselves as part of the BU fraternity while in the premises and even outside of it as ambassadors of what Botho University is and what it stands for.

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