Student Exchange Programme

Botho University believes in providing opportunities for international exposure to its students. The institution currently has two international student exchange programmes.

The first is with the University of Venda in South Africa which started in 2015. The exchange programme allows 5 students from the Faculty of Computing at Botho University to study at the University of Venda for an entire semester (6 months). In exchange, 5 students from University of Venda also go to study at BU for the same duration. Exchange students are provided with accommodation, transport and a living allowance. Their visas and study permit costs are also covered as part of the benefits of the exchange programme. Since this exchange programme started, 29 students have visited University of Venda in South Africa while Botho University has hosted 26 students from the University of Venda. Students have benefited immensely from this programme and gained international exposure while they develop their leadership and academic skills. In 2019, this programme was introduced in the Botho University Lesotho campus. The number of students per programme has also been increased from five to ten students each year due to the tremendous success seen.

The second exchange programme is with KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden for students from the Faculty of Computing and the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Students have to apply for the programme and meet certain eligibility criteria in order to be shortlisted. Selected students travel to Stockholm, Sweden for an entire semester and while at KTH get an opportunity to learn the concept of Challenge Driven Education where students work on societal problems and also study other modules approved by the universities. All student expenses including flights, visas, study permits, accommodation and living allowances are taken care of as part of the programme. The student exchange programme with KTH started in 2018 with a current total of 9 Botho University students having visited Stockholm. In January 2020, KTH Royal Institute of Technology started sending their students to spend an entire semester at Botho University, Botswana.