Bcom in Risk Management

This qualification provides basic, technical and advanced skills in risk management and insurance. It covers areas such as economics, information technology, accounting, research, risk management, insurance and management which are vital for success by risk professionals. It develops the knowledge, skills and competencies of risk practitioners who would be employed anywhere in the world. It’s targeted at those wishing to enter the financial sector, commercial banking sector, investment sector, corporate finance, insurance sector, investment banking, multinational companies, public sector companies and accounting firms as financial analysts, financial planners, financial consultants, venture capital professionals, etc.

What we offer

As a graduate of Bcom in Risk Management and Insurance you will:

  • Obtain a qualification that is competitive the world over and be able to share their competencies within the global village. 
  • Receive instruction from academic and industry professionals coupled with opportunity for student exchange programmes that give you an edge in your career 
  • Receive knowledge, skills and competencies that will enable you to combine the various finance, insurance and risk management  skills and you become proficient in developing finance policies and apply them in line with your profession. 
  • Gain access to opportunities for continuous personal development, growth in intellectual capacity, economic activity and contribute to the economy in general. 

Who is this course for?

Our Bcom in Risk Management and Insurance is a great fit if you’re:

  • Looking into developing your understanding of modern finance theories and applications.
  • Want a career as a risk consultant, Risk Manager, Compliance officer and educationist.
  • Drawn to the multifaceted Finance and insurance sector which always has a need for new professionals with different skills and interests.

Career prospects

  • Chief Risk Officers / Takers
  • Underwriters
  • Financial Advisors
  • Educationist
  • Financial Risk Managers
  • Compliance and Governance Managers
  • Insurance Brokers/ Insurance Adjusters 
  • Investment Analysts
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Credit Analysts
  • Captive Insurers


* Important note: The programmes offered in this website/advert are accredited by BQA and offered at Botho University at the time of publication. Please refer to your offer letter from our admissions department for any changes in programme name or duration that may be effected due to regulatory requirements.